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Grocery Associate 杂货部员工

Scarborough, Toronto, ON, Canada

Job Type

Full Time & Part Time

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*Or contact 647-531-3666

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Company Introduction

Bestco Food Mart is a leading Asian Grocery Supermarket in the GTA area. We currently have two major retail locations, one in Scarborough and one in north Etobicoke/Rexdale.

Major Responsibilities

  • Assist customers in selecting grocery products and provide recommendations as required

  • Maintain inventory and product quality; ensure full display of various grocery products

  • Unpack and label grocery products and display them in the sales area

  • Maintain workplace cleanliness, wash and maintain relevant work tools are clean and well-kept

  • Keep warehouse, display and walk-in coolers clean and tidy

  • Follow procedures to process expired products and manage shrinkage

  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the superior


  • Accountable, pleasant and is able to take initiative

  • Friendly and have a passion to serve our customers

  • Flexible to work in shifts, including weekdays, weekends, evening hours and statutory holidays

  • Able to use working related tools in a safe manner

  • Able to stand a long time and deal hands-on with products and lifting of products of 50 pounds on a regular basis

  • A good team player

  • Not allergic to handling grocery products

  • Knowledge of basic work safety

  • Relevant experience in handling grocery products is preferred


Scarborough: 175 Commander Blvd, Scarborough, ON M1S 3M7

**Language: Cantonese &/or Mandarin required








  • 熟悉部门产品的摆放位置,了解部门内部的促销内容,积极配合主管完成每周促销活动

  • 库存管理,确保产品品质,保持货架上产品的摆放美观、整齐

  • 按照公司规定对陈列产品进行品质检查,回收到期产品等

  • 协助顾客选购各种杂货产品,耐心友善的回答顾客的问题

  • 负责部分工作场地的清洁工作,确保展示柜及货架干净整齐

  • 完成主管安排的其他事务


  • 热情大方的工作态度,有良好的客户服务意识,积极主动,有责任心

  • 良好沟通能力, 能以国语/粤语/英文沟通为佳;具备团队合作精神

  • 能够长期站立工作及搬动20LB以上的重物

  • 可以适应公司的轮班工作安排

  • 有基本工作安全常识,有相关工作经验优先考虑


  • Scarborough店:175 Commander Blvd, Scarborough, ON M1S 3M7

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